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Why You Need Mental Management?
Enjoy a free audio message from our founder Lanny Bassham entitled "Why You Need Mental Management!" Also view a sample of one of our courses on Mental Management. This lesson is the first lesson in Mental Training for Coaches - Basic Applications
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Premium Membership
Premium unlimited access to the archives of selected Mental Management articles, audios and videos.
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Foundations of Mental Management
Learn the foundation principles of Mental Management including Triad State Analysis and Performance under Pressure.
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MM 101 - Basic Mental Management for Coaches
This is the foundation course of Mental Management for coaches but is valuable for athletes as well. Learn the basic Mental Management principles and techniques that apply to performance coaching.
Price: $99.95
Price: $50.00
MM 102 - Advanced Mental Management for Archery
This course applies Mental Management to the sport of Olympic and Compound Archery but the concepts apply to all forms of the sport. Troy and Lanny Bassham explain advanced concepts used by elite performers to reduce mental error.
Price: $199.95
Price: $100.00
Certified Level 2 Access
For Level II Certified Coaches only.
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