MM 101 Basic Mental Management for Coaches and Parents

This course is designed for coaches, parents and athletes who have discovered that no sport can be mastered without attention to the mental game.  Whether you are a parent of a performer or athlete, teaching beginners or have veteran students that are ready to begin to learn to reduce mental error, this is the place to start to learn Mental Management.  This course contains proprietary information owned by Mental Management systems and does not certify you to officially teach Mental Management but it may be a requirement for certification for your association to satisfy the mental training element. It does give you concepts and tools that you can use to add the mental game to your program but you must be licensed by USA Archery or Mental Management Systems to do this if you are charging for services.  Please call our offices for licensing information.  Athletes do not require licensing for personal use.

Special Instructions for USA Archery Certified Instructors only.

1.    If a coach previously purchased Mental Management® archery products (CD’s or DVD’s) will they still be required to pay for and complete the Mental Management® courses?

The archery products sold by Mental Management® are comparable to the Mental Management® 101 course only. If you have previously purchased Mental Management for Shooting Sports or Mastering the Mental Game of Archery from Mental Management Systems, you may request to take the online exam at no charge by contacting USA Archery at Your ability to pass the Mental Management® 101 exam will be dependent on your comprehension of the information taught in the Mental Management® archery product. There is no product that will substitute for taking the MM 102 course.

1.    What is the difference between the Mental Management® archery products and the online Mental Management® 101 and 102 courses?

The archery products sold by Mental Management® are comparable to the Mental Management® 101 course only and were developed by Mental Management® with the mental game in general as the focus.

The Mental Management® 102 course was developed as a collaborative effort between the USA Archery high performance coaching staff and Mental Management®. USA Archery retained the services of Mental Management® prior to the development of the course to provide mental training for resident athletes at the Olympic Training Center.  USA Archery wished to extend this level of mental training to all USA Archery coaches, thus the Mental Management® 102 training course was developed.

1.    Can coaches teach general concepts learned during the Mental Management® course to archers, even when charging a fee for coaching services?

Yes, general concepts and tools learned during the Mental Management® courses may be taught to athletes, even during paid coaching sessions if you represent yourself as a certified USAA coach and meet the requirements of USAA.  However, coaches may not represent themselves as Certified Mental Management® instructors or present the content as their own information unless they are certified by Mental Management Systems.

1.    Why has USA Archery partnered with Mental Management®?

The Mental Management® philosophy compliments the National Training System and provides a solid platform for mental training for coaches and athletes. Mental Management® yielded positive results for USA Archery resident athletes, and therefore USA Archery wanted to broaden this training experience to the entire coaching program so that all athletes may benefit from these tools and concepts. USA Archery views Mental Management® as a good investment for a centralized online training program with courses specifically for use by USA Archery coaches.

To begin, click Start This Course Now.  Upon successful completion of the course, you will be prompted to complete a quiz for Mental Management 101.  Coaches must pass the quiz with a minimum score of 75%.  Results will be automatically sent to USA Archery.


MM 101 - Basic Mental Management for Coaches
This is the foundation course of Mental Management for coaches but is valuable for athletes as well. Learn the basic Mental Management principles and techniques that apply to performance coaching.
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