Titleholders Don’t Just Hold Titles

Titleholders don’t just hold titles – they hold hearts and change lives.


Yesterday I attended the Homecoming for Miss Texas, Kendall Morris, which was put on by her MPFO.  I had the honor of working with Kendall this year with her preparation for Miss Texas and have had the chance to get to know her very well. Before Kendall won a local title she asked me during a phone consult if my daughter would be her princess this year. So my 6 year old daughter, Ashley, had the opportunity be mentored by


This picture was taken by the amazing Zac Grimaldo just after Kendall was crowned and you can see my daughter was so excited for her.  I don’t know that Ashley realizes what it truly means to be Miss Texas, she just knows that Kendall won something  that mattered to her and that she was happy so Ashley was happy for her.


Yesterday, Ashley didn’t want to go to the Homecoming – she went last year (see my article from last year) and I think she remembered that it was a lot of speeches and little entertainment so she was expecting to be bored. However, I had a hard time getting her to leave because she wanted to hug every girl in the room – even those she had never met.


As a titleholder, you will become a child magnet. Young girls will flock to you and want to be just like you. They will love you and see the good in you and want to hug you and touch you.


My Father always says to our clients, “To be a good titleholder you must have a warm heart and thick skin.” Thick skin to overcome the obstacles and criticism that will come your way through misunderstandings, message board drama and jealousy but also a warm and open heart to welcome those who want to be touched by your message or want to hug you and take pictures with you.  You will change lives for the better if that is your mission as a titleholder.


My daughter hugged Kendall multiple times yesterday not because she is Miss Texas but because Kendall was willing to hug her back, pick her up and make her feel like a princess.


One of my favorite people, Jan Mitchell, said once “You have the ability to control how people perceive you based on the way you talk to them.” Perception is reality – take the time to listen to those you meet, be encouraging, be motivating, be happy and take the time to love the little girls who beg for your autograph. Don’t just sign your name and walk away, take the time to help them to see why YOU have a crown.


By Heather Sumlin (heather@mentalmanagement.com)


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