Self-Image Controls Performance

If you have read “With Winning in Mind” and/or listened to “Mental Toughness for Pageantry” then you know that the Self-Image and performance are equal. There are 3 mental processes that control performance: The Conscious Mind (your thoughts), the Subconscious Mind (your skills – how well you prepare) and the Self-Image (your belief in your ability – habits and attitudes).  Your skill takes a back seat if your Self-Image doesn’t believe you are as ready or as skilled as you truly are. Therefore your Self-Image is actually in control of performance.  Your primary focus in preparation should be on growing your Self-Image so you can perform up to your potential when it matters.
How does the Self-Image grow?  Imprinting. Your thoughts, your self-talk, who you talk to, what you read, what happens around you all shape your Self-Image.  Your Self-Image either grows or slows depending on the quality of those imprints.
If you decide in advance that you will not have a good interview, guess what? You probably won’t. Your job in preparation for pageant and honestly preparation for anything is to GROW your Self-Image toward that event.
To grow Self-Image change the way you think and talk. Change what you write about. The book “With Winning in Mind” has two chapters dedicated to how to write a Directive Affirmation which when used properly can help you change habits and improve Self-Image.  I highly recommend you try it!
For now here are some quick tips to improve your Self-Image:
Be willing to focus on your strengths.
Be consistent in writing your successes in your performance journal every day.
Write down your goals and your plan to obtain them.
Be kind to yourself and others daily.
Catch yourself doing something RIGHT!

by Heather Sumlin –

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