Weathering the Storm (article)

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to travel with my father, Lanny Bassham, to Mississippi. On the way back we got into a deep discussion about life’s ups and downs and how to navigate through challenges. I was inspired to write the following message based on that conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

Life is like ship at sea – it’s in a constant state of change.  The obstacles and opportunities are like the waves of the ocean.  Sometimes they propel you forward and sometimes they crash into you causing you to rethink your strategy towards your goal.  They can get so wild and out of control that you wonder if you are meant to be at sea at all, causing you to question whether giving up is a better option than perseverance.
Weathering the storm is only part of the problem.  What happens when there is no wind, no waves and no change?  When things are going well do we coast and expect things to stay constant or do we realize the winds and waves will return potentially taking us off course again. Maybe when the seas are calm is the best time to turn up the gas toward your destination.  It’s in the times of calm and peace that we seem to slow down in life, relax and coast directly into the next storm.
The captains who weather the raging seas best are those who realize the winds of change are certain. Life is like a ship at sea but the exciting thing is that you can control to some extent the impact of the storms. Unlike a true sailor in the ocean blue you have the ability to determine how devastating a blow the winds and waves can have on your vessel. You do not always have the foresight to see the storms coming or access to a storm watch radio station to prepare for the changes in life’s weather.  However, you do have the ability to determine the best response to obstacles that come your way even when they come without warning. You have the ability to choose to respond to life’s ups and downs, not simply react without regard to consequences.
The best sailors are those who steer their ships with knowledge, confidence and certainty. The best sailors know where they are going and why that destination is important long before they set sail. They goal set and plan for their journey with decisiveness and intention.
  • In times of calm don’t simply coast through the water but instead take advantage of the calm seas & and sail faster towards your goals.
  • You can determine which direction your ship is headed, you do not have to allow others or circumstances to determine your future for you but you must be certain of your destination before setting sail in life’s ocean.
  • Large goals require you to move in uncharted waters with challenges at every turn. Realize that you decide if those challenges motivate you toward your goal or devastate you with doubt and fear.
Steering life’s ship is a rewarding adventure full of joy and danger, sacrifice and satisfaction, trials and triumph. Point your ship in a positive and exciting direction, set sail knowing there will be challenges but be strong in your conviction to weather any storm on the journey to your dreams.
Written by Heather Sumlin

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