The Challenge (article)

The Challenge (taken from the last Chapter of the New 3rd Edition of With Winning in Mind )

I challenge you to take action. You live at a unique time in history. If you are a competitor I would bet that your competition while thinking that the mental game is critical to success is doing little to advance their mental game. What if you did? The fact that you are reading this book puts you ahead of the competition. How much ahead depends on the effort you put forth in applying it.
I challenge you to take action. Your competition is thinking the thoughts their environment gives them. This is typical. What if you were not typical? You have a choice to continue to allow your thoughts to be controlled by your environment or to control them yourself. Running a mental system means that you define the best things to think about before, during and after your stage of competition. What if you trained your subconscious to respond consistently to these thoughts so that they were embedded? What if you trusted yourself to only think this way in competition?
I challenge you to take action. Not everything is as it seems. There are times in our lives when our circumstances appear to us to be heading toward doom when in reality we are on the road to our dreams. We just don’t realize it. I challenge you to look at problems and adversity as learning experiences, to see the potential lesson in every failure and to appreciate just how fortunate you are when you finish well. I challenge you to take successful outcomes as conformation that you are on the right track and unsuccessful ones as opportunities to learn.

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