Is New Year’s the Best Time to Make Resolutions? (article)

I just looked up the term resolution in the dictionary and here is the result as it relates to this kind of goal. A resolution is:

* 1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination
* 2. A resolving to do something
* 3. A course of action determined or decided on

One who makes New Years resolutions can be divided into two groups; those who make resolutions other times in the year and those who only do it at New Years. If you only do it at New Years I’ll bet you have a bad track record of keeping your resolution long enough to attain the reason for the resolution. Doing something at only one time a year leaves you so far out of practice that you have little chance of success. Resolutions have another name; GOALS. Good goal setters do it all of the time if they want to do it well.

What I like best about the word resolution is that resolving to do something creates a mental picture of being really determined to make it happen. Wow! I like that. How determined are you to reach your goal? How motivated you are to get it done can make a big difference in the outcome. If you would like to reach your goal but it is not going to really matter if you do it or not, you have little resolve and almost no chance of success. What if you HAD to get it done or you or someone you love would perish? What would you be willing to do then?

I suggest that you consider doing two things with your New Years Resolution this year. First, get really serious this year. Up the anti and decide to do something life changing. Make a real difference. You might just get so excited that you will stay the course and do it for once. Secondly, make goals and goal setting a habit this year. Do it every day not just once a year. Get out of bed in the morning with a “We are going to get a lot done today attitude.” Make a list and begin to accomplish the most important one on the list first. Soon you will be in shape for resolutions. Next year you will look back and see just how well the year has gone. Now isn’t that better than giving up on the annual New Years Resolution?

By: Lanny Bassham

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