It doesn’t matter if you win or you lose…UNTIL YOU LOSE! (article)

When I was a little guy losing was all I did.  I was the worst athlete in my school.  I ran the 100 yard dash in 12 minutes and played alternate right field in little-league baseball.  Ever play baseball?  That’s where you put your worst player and I was the alternate.

One day after studying the Olympics in class our third-grade teacher said, “It is just possible that one of you might one day win an Olympic Gold Medal.  Who do you think has the best chance of winning a medal in this class?”  A boy sitting next to me stood up and said, “I don’t know who has the best chance but I do know who has the WORST chance.  Lanny has!”  That’s when losing hurts and I was losing a lot.  I made up my mind that some day I would show that kid.  I had to find a sport that would take a short, slow athlete to the Olympics.

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