Improve your Game/Improve your Life!

One of the side benefits to adhering to a strong mental system is the personal growth and changes outside of your sport. By focusing so much on the positive on the course/range/field or stage you will find that you carry that over to your marriage, your career and your personal attitude towards yourself. Our favorite phone calls, emails and letters that we receive from customers are those that include comments on how our system has helped them not just in sport but in personal growth. A common comment from our clients is “I expected my scores to get better but I never expected to become a better father, husband and employee. I’m an over all better human being. Thank You”. That should be your goal shouldn’t it? To be the best YOU possible!

By focusing so much on what you want to see happen, being process oriented and eliminating as many negatives as you can in life it really changes your reactions to the world around you. Life becomes less stressful and more joyful. Maybe you will fight a little less with your spouse – finding that solving the problem is more beneficial than arguing about it. Maybe you will become more efficient at the office. Realizing that the negative talk at the water cooler won’t get you that promotion you desperately need may force you to send your boss your solutions to the problems not the complaints you used to focus on. And possibly you will find that your kids like you even better than they used to. Let’s face it, being positive and motivated not just in sport but in your daily life will make an impact. Some of you are already seeing some amazing results! Congrats on a job well done.

The New Year is here and it is time once again for resolutions and promises we make to ourselves to be someone new this year. What a perfect time to start implementing Mental Management into you life not just your sport. We look forward to hearing from you as the months move on and getting to know how much you have accomplished and attained over the year. Our goal is that your scores and home life reflect your new and improved attitude. Be the BEST YOU possible in 2014! Happy New Year!


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